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An Adult Animated Series

In the metropolitan city of Big Milk, humans and animals live side-by-side, but everything is not as harmonious as it seems. There's only one cat Big Milk PD can trust to bring down the city's largest crime ring - Detective Agatha Catsy. Once a member of the infamous crime ring, Catsy is a former cat burglar who's serving out her parole as Big Milk PD's top detective. Overwhelmed with nightmares and PTSD, Catsy must train a rookie apprentice who's optimistic outlook on life is vastly different from her own. Can the two of them learn to work togther in time to save Big Milk from the city's most notorious crime lord (and Catsy's ex-lover) The Raven?

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An Animated Series for Young Adults

Hero the Tortoise has watched every 80's teen movie ever made, and now he wants to be the star of his own film. The first step? Enrolling in the all-human high school Beehive Hill High. But, Hero soon finds out he's not Blane McDonough. He's Andie Walsh. With the help of fellow outcasts Tuna and Snake, Hero discovers that humanity has come a long way since the 80's, but we still have a long way to go.

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An Animated Children's Series

Once upon a time, a powerful chimera breathed life into the barren valley of Doonaught, and it became the enchanted valley of Doonah. 7-year-old Dan Dandeline lives in Doonah's village where he spends his time learning karate to fight banshees who call out for the chimera at night. The villagers have learned to live with the banshees by plugging their ears and using sign language at night, but everything changes when the local karate studio burns down. Dan's karate master dies in the fire, but not before giving him a mysterious pair of lederhosen. Dan and his best friend Zelie must travel into Doonah's forbidden forest to discover the lederhosen's power. There, they learn that the chimera will soon return to reclaim the valley's magic. Now, it's up to Dan, Zelie, and a magical pair of lederhosen to save Doonah.


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An Animated Children's Series

Shy Dorothy Campbell has always been “a little different” from kids her age, but when her family moves from California to Iceland, Dorothy makes the best friend she’s ever had. There’s just one problem... Her new friend is invisible.

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